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  • Introduction: A Century of Aerial Warfare

    Mark Clapson

    Chapter from the book: Clapson, M. 2019. The Blitz Companion: Aerial Warfare, Civilians and the City since 1911.


    The origins and impact of aerial warfare are relatively recent developments in the wider history of humanity. This introductory chapter provides the wider context for the key themes, questions and bombing events outlined in The Blitz Companion, and signposts the book, setting the scene for a deeper understanding of major developments in aerial warfare and its impact upon civilians since the early twentieth century. This is timely, because air raids have been a feature of wars in the present century, mostly in the Middle East, and share a defining and tragic characteristic with previous conflicts: with the exception of limited surgical strikes, air raids kill and maim innocent people, destroy the urban fabric, and are usually intended to do so.

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    Clapson, M. 2019. Introduction: A Century of Aerial Warfare. In: Clapson, M, The Blitz Companion. London: University of Westminster Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.16997/book26.a

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    Published on April 2, 2019