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  • Introduction: Why We Need Critical Perspectives on AI

    Pieter Verdegem

    Chapter from the book: Verdegem, P. 2021. AI for Everyone?: Critical Perspectives.


    This chapter introduces the volume and lays the foundations of why critical perspectives are necessary to overcome utopian and dystopian perspectives on AI. It develops the argument that we need to ask critical questions and come up with a nuanced vision towards AI if we want to make sure that AI will benefit society at large. Key themes include: conceptualising AI, visions of AI in policies and ethics, the role of capitalism and power and the case for a radical democratisation of AI before articulating some key principles to follow in developing AI of benefit to all. Finally the introduction gives an overview of how the edited volume is organised and how the different contributions fit together.

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    Verdegem, P. 2021. Introduction: Why We Need Critical Perspectives on AI. In: Verdegem, P (ed.), AI for Everyone?. London: University of Westminster Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.16997/book55.a

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    Published on Sept. 20, 2021